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2023.04.30. Miskolc IDS Rainy and windy show weekend Leones Valientes Everlasting Love "Birdy" Excellent1, JCAC, JCACIB, and Best Junior Many thanks to the judge, Mrs. Carmen Navarro Guisado (ESP)

2023.04.15. IDS Békéscsaba Leones Valientes Everlasting Love "Birdy" started her junior carrier in style! Excellent1, JCAC, Best Junior and BOS! Many thanks to the judge, Mrs. Kornelija Butrimova (LT)

Asian Toy Dogs and Bichon Breeds Club award ceremony and club dinner Svankällans Gaston "Loki" Most winning Havanais Male and Top dog 5. in 2021! Bellezza's Over The Rainbow "Kylie" Most winning Havanais female in 2021!

2021.12.29. European Dog Show Budapest Svankällans Gaston "Loki" Excellent 2, resCAC in open class😊 Leones Valientes Deep Purple "Joyce" Excellent, 6th place from 11 entered beautiful young girls😊

2021.10.16. IDS Turija, Serbia Leones Valientes Deep Purple "Joyce" Excellent1 of 4 young girls, JCAC and Best Junior Bellezza's Over The Rainbow "Kylie" CH CAC, CACIB and BOB With these results Joyce became Serbian Junior Champion and Kylie became Serbian Grand Champion🏆😊 Judge: Mr Denis Kuzelj (SLO)

2021.09.24-25. Komárom CACIB Shows and Club Show Bellezza's Over The Rainbow "Kylie" Excellent1 and CAC in champion class🙂 Svankällans Gaston "Loki" Excellent1, CAC in champion class, Clubwinner adult male, BOS and BOS BIS3🙂 and our newcomer girl Leones Valientes Deep Purple "Joyce" 3xExcellent1 and JCAC, Clubwinner young female🙂 with these results Joyce became Hungarian Junior Champion!😊🏆

2021.08.28. Dinnyés Asian Toy Dogs and Bichon Breeds Club Bichon Special CAC and Asian Special CAC Svankällans Gaston "Loki" 2xCAC, 2xSpecial Winner, 1xBOS, BOS BIS🏆 Bellezza's Over The Rainbow "Kylie" 2xCAC, 2xSpecial Winner and 2xBOB🏆 Judges: Mr. Đorđe Leka Mr. Róbert Kotlár

2021.07.11. Nitra IDS Our beauties did it again!😊 Bellezza's Over The Rainbow "Kylie" Excellent1 in Champion Class, CAC, CACIB and BOB🏆 Svankällans Gaston "Loki" Excellent1 in Champion Class, CAC, CACIB and BOS🏆 with this result Loki fulfilled the conditions of Champion International de Beauté! Many thanks to judge Mr. Jakub Kruczek (PL) for thinking so highly of our dogs!😊

2021.06.20. Szabadka (SRB) IDS extremely hot but very succesful day! HJCH, HCH Bellezza's Over The Rainbow "Kylie" Excellent1, CAC and resCACIB HJCH, HCH, HSCH Svankällans Gaston "Loki" Excellent1, CAC, CACIB and BOB with these results Kylie and Loki became Serbian Champions!

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